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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Anybody a CMake guru that can have me rapid-fire dumb questions their way? I've got ideas on how I'm going to make my API work, but now I need to really nail down the build system. I have a number of external dependencies that I can either require the user to download and install on their own, or I can find some way of grabbing all of them for the user, and putting it together into a package. The ideal method would involve my telling CMake what those external dependencies are and where to find them, and let it handle the chore of making sure that they are properly installed on whatever system the user has, offer to download and install them if they aren't available, or fail gracefully if they aren't. Note that I really don't want to be responsible for updates to external dependencies; as far as is possible, I want them to 'just work'. That will let me concentrate on coding, rather than packaging.

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