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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've finally gotten all my CUDA code in place, and I've realized that I've hit a brick wall.  I've written a number of unit tests using googletest, which is a fairly nice unit testing framework, and my code passes all of my tests.  The problem is that it is limited, as all unit testing frameworks are, in that it can really only test for equality well.  This is a big problem for the code I'm writing because after reading through quite a bit of material on the web, I've come to realize that not all cards support IEEE 754 in quite the same way, or as completely, as they should.  That means that even if I had a golden test set to test against, I could fail the test, while still being reasonably accurate.  The only way I may be able to bypass this problem is if I can render my output to a file or to the screen directly, and then eyeball it.  Towards that end, I just downloaded the AGG library, which claims to use only portable C++ to render images to files.  I'm going to briefly look at it, and see if I can get it to do what I want it to do (make pretty pictures) in the amount of time I have left.  However, since this is a brand-new (to me) API, and since I STILL don't have a poster or video up, if I can't get it all working within an hour or less, I'm going to have to abandon it to get my presentation working.

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